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Along with the process of production we also deliver and install of concrete.

The company was founded in 1974 as a family transport craft. Since 1996 we transport and installation of concrete. 2004, we established Čirjak Ltd. and to this day we expand our range of business activities in the transport of bulk materials, concrete, placing concrete, concrete production, construction and sale of apartments and suites, service activity maintenance of housing units and service management residential buildings. We build high-quality apartments of various sizes for sale at a very attractive places in Dalmatia. We currently have a permanent staff of 15 employees. The company is based in Biograd, Bukovačka 25, in the city's industrial zone.
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Our driving park consists of 8 mixer, 7 of them have capacity 9 and 1 capacity of 7 and 3 concrete pumps reach 24, 34, 36 m. We offer installation of concrete in industrial halls and other demanding features up to a distance of 100 m. The production of concrete is also subject to constant control by the Croatian Civil Engineering Institute, Business Centre Split, which guarantees the quality and brand of concrete produced. In addition to mixing the basic ingredients (cement, water, sand and stone aggregate), the modern technology of concrete often use admixtures and additives for all types of concrete.




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